The Benefits of Lids2Go®

  • Time


    No more digging around for plastic containers, or going to the store for plastic wrap. Also, no more transferring beverages when rushing out the door. Simply insert a Lid and you're on your way.

  • Money


    Saving in tin foil, plastic wrap and other container costs may be realized with Lids2Go® as well as reducing the possibility of spills that may cause damage to your clothing or carpets.

  • Stress


    Lids2Go™ offers a healthy and affordable solution to reducing many minor day to day irritations - at home or on the go

Let's Leave A Better World

  • Lids2Go® are good for the environment, and in many cases are eliminating the need for plastic or foil wrap.
  • Lids2Go® are reusable, and can be recycled where facilities exist.
  • Lids2Go® are BPA free and satisfy the FDA requirements for use with "fatty" foods.
  • Lids2Go® are making the world a better place while saving you money.