Lids2Go™ Usage and FAQs

How do I use the Lids2Go™ lids?

Have a look at this usage video to see how to properly use the Lids2Go™ lids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of containers does Lids2Go™ best work with?

  • Many cups, glasses and other containers normally found in your home.
  • Lids2Go™ typically works best with straight sided or tapered containers.
  • As containers come in many shapes and sizes make sure that the Lid fits securely in your container.
  • The 76mm (3inch) Lid is designed for a standard size 8 to12 ounce container.
  • You never know however until you try them. We will be introducing other sizes in the future.
  • Remember Lids2Go™ are intended to be used with cups, glasses and other containers you already have in your home – at home or on the go

Does Lids4Straws require a special straw?

  • Lids4Straws can accommodate most common sized straws found in your home or when you are on the go at restaurants or fast food locations.

Do the Lids2Go™ products meet FDA and other regulatory requirements?

  • Yes Lids2Go™ are BPA free and satisfy FDA fatty food requirements for use with diary products.
  • Lids2Go™ also satisfies the EU requirements for use with food and dairy products.
  • Lids2Go™ are dish washer safe.

What are Lids2Go™ made of?

  • Lids2Go™ products are made of a polypropylene (PP) inner core and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) outer ring.

Where are Lids2Go™ manufactured?

  • Lids2Go™ products are manufactured in China under the direction of Minnesota Rubber and Plastic a US based company with headquarters in Minneapolis. The company stresses the importance of being eco-friendly while meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Where can I buy Lids2Go™?

  • At this time Lids2Go™ products can only be bought on-line through our website?

Can young children use Lids2Go™?

  • Yes Lids2Go™ are designed for use with young children who may be transitioning out of a sippy cup or when a straw is the answer. Children must me monitored at all times to minimize the possibility of spills or “other” things children are liable to do (such as throwing or dropping their cup).
  • Do not use Lids2Go™ with hot liquids and children.
  • Lids2Go™ are great for children of all ages – from 6 months to 110 – who want the convenience of using Lids2Go™ at home or on the go.

Can Lids2Go be used with hot liquids?

  • Lids2Go can be used with hot liquids. Care must be taken in all instances.
  • Always ensure that “Lids” are securely seated in the container before every use.
  • Users must test any container that it is intended for use with hot liquids to ensure that the “Lid” seats securely and will not release when the container is tipped or turned over.
  • Do not use Lids2Go™ and hot liquids with children.